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Westminster general election 

 June 7th 2001

Parliamentary Constituency of West Belfast

ELECTION RESULTS - SDLP vote collapses

ULSTER THIRD WAY said that a vote for the SDLP was a wasted vote and so it proved.  The SDLP's share of the vote collapsed in the face of a strong running by the Sinn Féin candidate, Gerry Adams.  David Kerr, the Ulster Third Way candidate, gained 116 votes (0.3% of the total valid poll).  Ulster Third Way was largely unknown to the public until this election campaign began, yet managed to win an increase on the 43 votes achieved by the old Ulster Independence Movement in the 1996 Forum elections.  The results of the local government elections were much more disappointing.  David Kerr only gained 28 first preference votes.  Our tallies show that most voters did transfer to David, but usually as their fourth, fifth or lower preference. This has been Ulster Third Way's first electoral outing and it indicates that much work has yet to be done to sink local roots. Our work goes on!  For full results click here.

Ulster Third Way election material

What did the Ulster Third Way candidate have to say?  Read on.

Five good reasons to vote for


David Kerr campaigning on the doorsteps of West BelfastHe wants a genuine peace settlement that will bring all of our people together as Ulsterfolk.  Despite the hype, the current Good Friday Agreement institutions have only served to reinforce, deepen and intensify sectarian divisions.  An independent state with equal rights, duties, responsibilities and safeguards for all is a genuine alternative to the present ‘zero-sum’ game

He is not bound by silly agreements not to discuss matters of public concern.

He wants human-centred economics where concern for the well-being of the community comes first.  The economy must serve the people.  Under the present arrangement, our people must serve the needs of greedy transnational corporations, which move jobs and capital around the world at their whim.  Preference must be given to encourage the growth of local enterprises with a real stake in our society.  

 He is a local resident who is all too aware of the social problems that confront the various communities in West Belfast on either side of the so-called ‘peaceline’.

He will not be ‘lobby fodder’ for any of the bigger parties at Westminster.  A vote for any other candidate is a wasted vote.

  Promoted by David Kerr on behalf of Ulster Third Way, Ulster Independence Centre, First Floor, 316 Shankill Road, Belfast, BT13 3AB

See the full list of candidates in this election.  Click here.

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Help wanted!

See how you can help in our campaign.  Click here.

What's it all about?  Click on the banner above to read the Third Way in Britain's general election manifesto.  Ulster Third Way endorses this manifesto which indicates that we have a few more policies besides independence for Ulster. 


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