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No more Sommes! 
Support our boys in the Gulf!  Bring them home NOW!

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for a report from Belfast antiwar protest. 

Click here for a verdict on the pyrrhic 'victory' in Iraq.

click Here  and here  for An indictment of the lies of the war party from senator robert C. Byrd (west Virginia)

Click here for a former U.S. special forces soldier's thoughts on the bravado and machismo of the chickenhawk armchair bombardier, George w. bush.

casualties of war

Keep up to date with the lies, distortion and spin of the War Party.  Bookmark Antiwar.com and Americans Against World Empire.



Perpetual war for perpetual peace:
the endless wars of empire!

Attitudes in Ulster to the US-led war on Iraq were very interesting.  Paradoxically, the political leaders of a movement that launched a war here in Ulster – the Provisional Republican Movement - came out in opposition to Bush and Blair’s war.  Oh joy over sinners repenting? Even more paradoxically; the DUP, elements of the UUP and even the PUP came out in support of the declared war aims of Bush and Blair.  [Reado on. Follow this link].

Bush's sinister advisor

Many of U.S. president George W Bush’s closest advisors are determined that there will be war against Iraq. One of the leading members of this cabal of neo-conservative ‘chickenhawks’ is Paul Wolfowitz. Mr Wolfowitz has given his name to the Wolfowitz Doctrine which argues that America's political and military mission should ensure that no rival political power is ever allowed to emerge anywhere in the world.  [Read on.  Follow this link].

American Patriots for Peace
- some thoughts on the coming war with Iraq

For an American patriotic alternative to the usual stuff coming from the leftist wing of the anti-war movement read this terrific article from Justin Raimondo in Mother Jones magazine.  It's timely stuff as the drums beat for war with Iraq.  In whose interest is this war to be waged.  See this article by Pat Buchanan.

Catalyst for Chaoswpe3.jpg (11074 bytes)

ANYONE IN Ulster with digital television can watch a fascinating programme on the CNBC news channel early on Saturday mornings. Editorial Board brings together editors, commentators and columnists from the neo-conservative Wall Street Journal - the most influential voice of America’s war party. [Read on.  Follow this link].


Nice II - Euro-bullies buy Irish rematch

In June 2001, the Irish electorate struck a magnificent blow for freedom by voting against the implementation of the flawed Treaty of Nice. None of the other EU member states bothered to put it to a popular vote. Éire had to because the 1937 Constitution requires it.  The shockwaves were heard all over Europe. Overnight, Éire became the bad boy of the EU. Ahern and Cowen apologised to their fellow members of the Euro-elite and promised to sort matters out. Democracy was so inconvenient! [Read on.  Follow this link].  

For another point of view on the Nice II referendum from a British Conservative MEP, follow this link.

Pim Fortyn - Press incitement to murder

The sharp rise in the vote for national-populist parties throughout Europe indicates a strong sense of dissatisfaction with the concept of ‘multi-culturalism’ and multi-nation states among significant sections of the indigenous host societies.   As we have already seen over the past four decades, multi-cultural societies become a battleground where competing communities strive to advance their interests and the governing elite becomes concerned with buying off immigrant and ‘minority ethnic’ communities in return for their electoral support.  The future of such divided societies looks bleak. [Read on.  Follow this link].

   Standing up for themselves

In 2001, Governor Roy Barnes of Georgia engineered a secret deal to change the State’s flag despite its overwhelming popularity with the majority of Georgians who take a pride in their Southern culture and heritage. This came shortly after South Carolina, under threats of economic boycotts, recently took down a Confederate Flag from its State Capitol building. [Read on.  Follow this link].


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