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Collusion is no illusion

THe year 2005 – Sinn Féin’s centenary – showed that the party, despite further electoral success in the May Westminster election, has lost its surefooted PR touch.  Witness the embarrassed floundering over the Robert McCartney murder, the Colombia Three’s return to Ireland and Denis Donaldson’s outing as a long term British agent. [Read on. Follow this link].


MOst of us are used to seeing the clergy, the church and sometimes even religion itself held up to ridicule in print, in film, on radio and on the television.  Just think of Father Ted, The Vicar of Dibley and in an earlier time, All Gas and Gaiters and the sketch shows of the late Dave Allen.  Although there was at times a furore over films like The Life of Brian it was generally accepted that the churches - just like other sections of society - were fair game for satire and humour, even if occasionally the humorists and satirists did cause genuine offence to some people.  Nobody really took the line that they were motivated by hatred of religious believers, or that they intended to provoke such a reaction in their readers, listeners or viewers. [Read on. Follow this link].

NuLab in power: taking liberties...

Recent issues of Ulster Nation have expressed our deep concern at the authoritarian police state currently under construction in Tony Blair's Britain.  Strict conformity to rules are to be enforced by the full power of the law, especially with regard to 'religious hate crime'. The NuLab government also plans to exclude members of an unpopular opposition party from all forms of public employment and will also collude with Trade Union bureaucrats to allow such members to be kicked out of their unions on purely partisan political grounds. [Read on. Follow this link]


 IN LAST May’s general election our editor stood in the East Antrim constituency as a parliamentary candidate on the Vote for Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket. This was on the invitation of Rainbow George Weiss. David Kerr endorsed the platform of ‘vote for yourself’ and the idea of taking decisions through preferendum as a means of finding policies acceptable and accountable to the greatest number of people. [Read on. Follow this link].




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