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This is the text of a leaflet distributed by the now defunct Ulster Independence Movement during the 1998 referendum campaign on the 'Good Friday Agreement brokered by former US Senator, George Mitchell. It was written by Ulster Nation editor, David Kerr.


ON MAY 22nd, the people of Ulster (and the Irish people) will have the opportunity to vote on the Mitchell Agreement which came out of the recent multi-party talks at Stormont. The Ulster Independence Movement has always had its doubts about the so-called `peace process'. The Mitchell Agreement bears out our deepest concerns and worst fears.

One significant outcome of the Mitchell Agreement is the proposed change to Article 29 of the Irish Republic's constitution. A new section, Section 8, will permit the Irish State `to exercise extra-territorial jurisdiction'. Presumably this will be over the six counties. This article, together with the changes to Articles 2 and 3, overcomes the constitutional barriers which have hitherto prevented Dublin from exercising formal joint sovereignty over Ulster. David Trimble would be hard-pressed to explain to us how a deal and a constitutional amendment which permits Dublin to exercise extra-territorial jurisdiction in Ulster can `strengthen the Union'.

This so-called `peace deal' cannot both strengthen the Union and at the same time be a step on the road to Irish unity. Yet that is what the apologists for the Mitchell Agreement would have us believe. Some-one is either deceived, self-deceived or a downright deceiver.

The recently leaked NIO Tom Kelly document indicated that the Ulster people would be subjected to a massive all-embracing media propaganda campaign in which opinion polls would be manipulated and pocket business, trade union, `community' and church leaders wheeled out to agitate for a `Yes' vote. This Agreement is designed to keep Ulster in a state of `transition'. Anyone who believes that this document represents the end of the road is deceived indeed. Ulster may for the time being remain within the United Kingdom, but no other part of that kingdom will hand over executive powers and functions to ministers of another independent State as Ulster will do if this deal goes through.

The Ulster Independence Movement has published a more detailed response to the Mitchell Agreement. We do not accept a hamstrung Northern Ireland Assembly. We do not accept a North-South Ministerial Council with executive powers. We do not accept any denial of the right of the Ulster people to self-determination.  In our opinion, the Union is dead and beyond resurrection. The only option is a free, sovereign independent Ulster State. 

VOTE NO on May 22nd and work to achieve a high `no' vote.

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