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World domination

IN OLD FILMS the villains were always after world domination. It was the aim of Dr Fu Manchu in the old movies, THRUSH in The Man from Uncle TV series and the faceless man with the white Persian cat in the lames Bond films. In real life, world domination was also said to be the aim of Hitler, Stalin, the Kaiser and Saddam Hussein. In these cases their bids for world domination were thought to be a very bad thing.

Radical Ulster-nationalists agree that world domination is a very bad thing whether it is done by one megalomaniac or by one all-powerful superpower. It would inevitably lead to the introduction of a world slave-state. It might be brutal or perhaps one like the world in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 where the slaves would be fed bread and given circuses for their entertainment but it would be universal slavery just the same. Nowhere would be a sanctuary. In contrast, our vision is one of a mosaic of small 'ethnostates' where no one state would be in any position to dominate or destroy its neighbours.

Today, however, the old aim of world domination is fast becoming a reality. The monopoly of power in this growing 'New World Order' is held by the United States of America although this is of little benefit to the American people themselves. In fact strong opposition to this trend is growing within the US itself. Nevertheless, this monopoly is exercised culturally, through Hollywood and television, economically through mega-corporations and, of course, militarily through NATO and United Nations 'peacekeepers'.

A very revealing article on the aims of US foreign policy recently appeared in the house organ of American capitalism, The Wall Street Journal, (18/6/97). In his article 'The Emerging American Imperium' Irving Kristol - a former Trotskyist who has become one of the leading neo-conservative theoreticians argues that the US is ready to take over the world and that this is a great idea. He claims that the European Union is a larger version of Sweden – a ‘quasi-autonomous protectorate of the US. For the moment, Washington is not demanding Europe's quasi-autonomous support of US foreign policy. But pressure toward this end will become irresistible...' He also sees Latin America and South East Asia beginning to recognise 'the legitimacy of US leadership'. This globalist new American 'imperium', unlike some more brutal earlier empires, will be a gilded cage which will foist upon the world '... a growth economy; a consumerist society; popular elections and a dominant secular hedonistic ethos.'

Some years ago Enoch Powell accused the US of seeking to destroy Ulster in order to bring an All-Ireland client state into NATO. The US sponsorship of the so-called 'Irish peace process', its funding of certain political parties, and its unceasing interference in the internal affairs of our homeland suggest that he was not too far off the mark. Is it any wonder that Ulster Nation has long been critical of the involvement of the United States in our homeland's internal affairs? 1n our view, the US government does not give a tuppeny damn about real peace here. Ulster is a pawn in a much larger globalist game.

David Kerr
Autumn 1997

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