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War fever 1991

As we go to press, the Second Gulf War has begun with massive aerial bombardment of Iraqi targets and Iraqi retaliation against Israeli and Saudi Arabian cities. Ulstermen serving in the British armed forces will soon be in the front line of any conflict seventy five years after the obscene slaughter of the Somme. In the event of a ground war with Iraq, we are told to expect some 30,000 casualties in the first fortnight and possibly hundreds of thousands thereafter. This is excluding any Israeli involvement and doesn't take into account the possible ecological consequences of bombed oil wells, chemical plants and nuclear-armed naval vessels. In financial terms alone, this great adventure is costing the British taxpayer - so far - 900million. This money could surely have been put to some much more useful purpose! The pretext for this war is to defend the freedom and independence of Kuwait. The pretext for entering World War II was to defend the freedom and independence of Poland. Poland only just managed to regain its freedom half a century later! The original reason given for starting the last war was soon lost sight of as the hidden agenda of crushing Germany came to the fore. We wonder - what is the hidden agenda behind today's war fever? Already we are hearing calls for the destruction of Iraq and the 'trial' - by his accusers - of Saddam Hussein! Amazingly, some Ulster politicians favour the Anglo-American expedition in the Gulf, despite their normal distrust of the British government. We in Ulster Nation have our own thoughts on the matter with due acknowledgements to Freedom

  1. If the might of the British Army has been unable to defeat IRA death squads in the past 21 years, what makes them think that they will defeat Iraq?
  2. If British troops invade Iraq, how long will the army of occupation remain?
  3. In the event of a successful invasion and conquest of Iraq, what happens when US troops face Iranian ones on the Iraq/Iran border and what will stop them 'finishing another job'?
  4. Will the US retaliate with nuclear arms if Iraq uses chemical weapons in its defence?
  5. If Iraq attacks Israel to widen the conflict, will Arab troops attack US and. British soldiers, or their brother Arabs? 
  6. If Iraq is finally neutralised, who will be the next Arab regional power and will America like it any better?
  7. What will happen if Iraqi troops overwhelm the Americans?
  8. When the USAF and the RAF bomb Baghdad, will the generals and politicians who ordered this be put on Nuremburg-style trials for 'planning' and waging aggressive war against civilians', or as before, will it only be the losers who hang?
  9. What is the difference between the Israeli occupation of the West Bank of the Jordan and southern Lebanon and the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait? 
  10. What is the difference between the Western-backed Iraqi invasion of Iran and the Western-deplored invasion of Kuwait?
  11. When is a professional political careerist going to be blinded, maimed burned or killed in a war that he or she started?

Reports in British newspapers say that ITN, BSkyB News and the BBC have agreed to a 'request' from the MoD for censorship of reports from the Gulf. Newspapers will also be likely to comply. As always, truth will be the first casualty. Those who oppose this war will be ignored, vilified as 'traitors' and possibly even rounded up and interned if it goes on for any length of time. Nevertheless it is the duty of all Ulster patriots to oppose this war. Saddam Hussein is a complete bastard, but we see no reason to go on a holy crusade to 'get' him. War can only be justified to defend ourselves from attack!

David Kerr

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