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David Copeland, the nazi lone wolf London bomber, who claimed a patriotic motivation for his one-man murder spree has done genuine nationalists and patriots no favours. Any cause can be besmirched by monomanical extremists who take shortcuts to achieve their aims. There is no excuse for the campaign of terror that he unleashed against blacks, Asians and white homosexuals. In fact, he has given Britain’s growing police state all the ammunition it needs to target all political resistance from the so-called ‘right’.

We all know that Tony Blair, who has the blood of many more innocent people on his hands than Copeland can ever hope to achieve, is an obsessive authoritarian control freak. He attributes everything that doesn’t go his way as the malevolent work of ‘the forces of conservatism’. He has ordered a Cultural Revolution of Maoist proportions inside the London metropolitan police, which had been accused of massive ‘institutional racism’ in the wake of a report into the murder of Stephen Lawrence, a young black man.

Scotland Yard is keen to redeem itself in the eyes of the Prime Minister. It has pledged to work to improve ‘the monitoring of far-right groups’ after coming under criticism for not arresting Copeland quickly enough. In fact, of course, the Met did well to catch their man within three weeks when you think how many bombers have caused mayhem here in Ulster and have never been brought to justice. The Omagh outrage comes immediately to mind.

A Met spokesman has announced that Searchlight magazine has agreed to work with detectives to help formulate a way of examining far-right extremism. "We welcome the help Searchlight and other organisations gave in this case and the assistance they continue to provide in tackling the threat from right-wing extremism."

This development is very dangerous for genuine political dissidents in Britain today. Searchlight has its own political agenda. It has spread lies about its political opponents in the past and been very free with wild allegations of terrorist involvement against innocent people. It has also infiltrated disruptive agents into legal political parties. One, Ray Hill, advocated all sorts of violence to entrap younger, more impressionable patriotic activists in illegal activities. Others associated with Searchlight have engaged in burglary and arson and incited violence against their political opponents. Nice people for the police to be hanging around with!

This new unholy alliance will allow Searchlight to fit their political opponents up for attention by the police. Groups dedicated to monetary reform, opposition to the EU, tighter immigration controls, traditional family values, or opposition to British involvement in overseas conflicts will all be vilified as ‘xenophobes’ and ‘racists’ - just as bad as the Soho bomber himself. Censorship of the internet and automatic e-mail interception will be par for the course. All in the name of tolerance and human rights too!

This unaccountable Scotland Yard-Searchlight alliance is fundamentally unjust. Patriots are urged to be vigilant to regard with suspicion any shining-eyed new comrades who talk of getting the guns out, blowing things up or any kind of violent activity. It will either be a fool , a madman or a police agent trying to set you up for arrest or worse. Don’t be fooled.

David Kerr, June 2000.

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