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Resist Globalisation!

IF YOU ASKED the average man or woman in the street about globalisation, they might vaguely recall stories from papers and TV reports of riots in Seattle, Stockholm and Genoa. Most would have no idea. Some might guess that it’s something to do with ‘world trade’ or ‘world peace’. However, the reality is that globalism is more like an embryonic ‘world government’ dominated by the ‘benevolent global hegemony’ of the United States and its military might.

What do the globalists want? They want a world without frontiers of any kind. Anything that stands in their way is to be marginalised, criminalised and eradicated. The rich cultural heritage of all the diverse nations, tribes and ethnic groups of Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas will disappear. Its replacement will be the MTV/Coca-Cola/Nike/McDonalds/CNN junk culture that has already spread like a virus throughout the Western world. Large transnational corporations want conformist consumers to maximise their markets, their sales and their profits while giving back as little as possible to the folk unfortunate enough to work long hours for a pittance under sweatshop conditions for them.

Talk of globalisation and 'world citizenship' sounds fine, but in practice people identify with their own traditions and places. Assorted ultra-leftists and anarchists may run riot to show their anger at the power of the globalist elite, but at the root they agree with the big battalions of global capitalism - a world without frontiers. Leftists want to do away with differences between peoples and nations so how can they stop globalisation? They’ve no chance! Indeed, many of the powerful men of today were once ultra-leftist 'street radicals' themselves - Jospin from France, Fischer from Germany and ex-CND activist Blair from Britain spring to mind. In 25 years time many of the Trots rioting in Genoa will be inside the red barrier deciding how they will run our lives. Like Jospin and Blair today, the military and police they so despise will be taking their orders and turning their guns on dissenters.German anarchists flaunt the slogan SMASH THE BORDERS!  This shows their basic agreement with the global capitalists they currently riot against.

The only real counterbalance to the aggressive power grab by this largely liberal-leftist globalist elite is nationalism. Hundreds of small nations – with individual currencies, passports, rules and regulations – are a real barrier to globalisation. National sovereignty is a desperate nuisance to the globalists. National governments can cause trouble for the big corporations with labour laws, taxes and demands for accountability. Such check and balances on their activities are not welcome, so naturally the globalists hate and fear any form of political or cultural nationalism. Any possibility that a government might seek to govern in the interests of its electorate - its own people - rather than that of the global elite has to be eradicated. CNN will report that this is all in the interest of ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’.

Look at the case of the European Union. Despite denials by their lying apologists in the British media and at Westminster, the EU is trying to become an American-style superstate. European monetary union is primarily a political aim. It will turn the states in the eurozone into mere provinces that will never be able to regain their abandoned sovereign rights. The EU could have a lot of potential if it restructured itself as a European Confederacy. The problem with it at present is that its affairs are dominated by the larger member states. Germany has the largest population and wants to have a greater proportional influence on EU affairs than Luxembourg, which has the smallest population. I can see through this why the founding fathers of the US Constitution put in the Electoral College to prevent the larger and more powerful states from hogging all the important offices and leaving the smaller states with the hind tit. In the past year we saw Britain, France and Germany lead a lynch mob against tiny Austria because they didn't approve of the Austrian people's choice of government

To ensure compliance with its diktat, the EU wants to ban patriotic ‘nationalistic’ and ‘xenophobic’ political parties. It will punish states that transgress its directives by economic and political sanctions or even military action. It wants to militarise itself by forming a so-called Rapid Reaction Force to intervene militarily in countries all around the world. What for? It will certainly not be the interests of the average Ulsterman, Irishman, Dane or Italian. Of course the EU is not alone. There’s also NATO, the World Trade Organisation, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and , of course, the United Nations.

We repeat, the answer to globalisation is a resurgence of nationalism around the world In today's liberal-leftist post-modernist globalist era 'nationalism' is for many a dirty word. All it means in that a bond of kindred unites us in a way that is uniquely ours and that we want to be left in peace to get on with things in our own way in our own country. What’s so bad about that?

David Kerr, August 2001

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