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MILESTONE - First Third Way international conference

THE Bonnington Hotel in London was the venue for an historic international Third Way conference last October (1990). Delegates from Ulster, Scotland, France and Czechoslovakia travelled there to hear prominent Third Way speakers. This showed the true co-operative spirit of Third Way nationalism. The first speaker was Mr Logghe Koenraad - a Flemish nationalist who spoke on the relationship between religion and nationalism. While much of Mr Logghe's address was quite complex, he had much to say which was of relevance to nationalist and religious believer alike. Mr Graham Williamson from Essex spoke on the fall of Communism in Europe and the opportunities for Third Way nationalists to become the only viable alternative to Capitalism. As Mr Williamson put it, Capitalism did not win the Cold War - Marxism lost.


Rabbi Mayer Schiller from the United States spoke on the contradictions between Third Way nationalism and anti-semitism. Rabbi Schiller is a disciple of Samuel Raphael Hirsch whose life and work was recently featured in Third Way magazine. He pointed out that Jews are no more a single monolithic entity than Christians, or the disparate groups generally lumped together as 'nationalists'. He called for mutual understanding between the Jewish community and the Third Way movement. 

Perhaps the most interesting speaker was Mr Osiris Akkebala, a chief elder of the PanAfrican InterNational Movement. He spoke on the evils of assimilationism which is having a genocidal effect on Black people in the USA. Black people's culture is diminished by the promotion of a rootless all-embracing cosmopolitanism. Mr Akkebala described the meeting as the historic first step in the growth of Third Way ideas throughout the world. 

Mr Patrick Harrington from London spoke on the necessity of belief! It is no good doing anything for the Movement if we don't believe in it. Doubt can often be helpful as it encourages self-criticism and personal improvement. However, if we are sure that what we believe is right we must put our ideas into practice. Knowledge needs action! Knowing what is right and necessary, but doing nothing about it only creates misery.

VIDEO AVAILABLE . If you missed the conference you needn't miss out. Video tapes are available from Third Way Publications at P O Box 1243, London SW7 3PB for 11.00 including postage. Relive this important milestone in our history!

David Kerr

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