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Living Alternatives - neither racism nor 'multiculturalism'

"To hate a human being because of his race, religion, or nationality is a horrible thing." - Rabbi Mayer Schiller. Third Way issue 15.

THE NORTHERN Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities has claimed that there has been a dramatic increase in 'racist attacks' in Ulster during the brief IRA ceasefire. According to Patrick Wu of NICEM and the Chinese Welfare Association, ‘...in the past you had tension between the two communities; now racism is an extension of sectarianism here.' Evidence for this sweeping claim seems scarce and it is disputed by Ciaran White of the Committee for the Administration of Justice.

However, the CAJ, NICEM and the sinisterly named United Nations Committee on Extermination of all Forms of Discrimination’ are agreed on one thing. They all want to impose so-called race relations legislation on Ulster.

The UNO has demanded that Ulster should have the same or more draconian race laws than those that already exist in Britain. Herman Ouseley, chairman of the London-based Commission for Racial Equality, has also called upon the Northern Ireland Office to introduce a draft order on race relations in Ulster. Why the UNO and CRE want to interfere in our affairs is beyond us. Ulster has not faced the same degree of immigration as other European nations. Therefore, despite Mr Wu's unsubstantiated claims, racial attacks are virtually unheard of here. It is no exaggeration to say that Ulster remains one of the most homogeneous nations in the world. Perhaps this is what the social engineers of the UNO and CRE are so unhappy about? Ulster Nation rejects the imperialism of the United Nations and the arrogance of the CRE. These unelected little empire-building tyrants will stir up trouble where none exists!

Among other things, the new laws will shift the burden of proof over to persons accused of direct or indirect 'race crimes'. If adopted, this law will completely overturn the time-honoured presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Such laws are yet another stage on the road to tyranny. Laws already exist which outlaw incitement to hatred and which forbid intimidation and violence against the person regardless of the assailant's motive. They ought to be enough. However, now that these self-interested bodies have raised the important issues of race and immigration, we must welcome the opportunity for an open debate.

Firstly, we must openly start that we disagree with the way that immigrants were brought into Britain to be exploited in low paid jobs. But what more could one expect from a capitalist system whereby people are viewed as mere economic units of production? However, we must also place on record our complete rejection of racism. We oppose negative racial hatred. We do not base our view on puerile claims that Asians 'smell of curry' or that Chinese arc all triad gangsters or that blacks are solely responsible for unemployment, bad housing and crime. We oppose mass immigration because we believe that the people of Ulster have the inalienable right to ethnic, cultural and national self-determination.

Ulsterfolk have the right to determine our own destiny and ethnic make-up. We simply wish to retain the unique identity of our ancestors - bonded by tradition and kinship. We desire a sense of control and direction over our land. These are basic human rights. They apply to all indigenous peoples -whether they be Europeans, Australian Aborigines or South American Indians. All have the right to preserve and cherish their own unique heritage and culture. The UN and CRE would doubtless claim -without any justification or proof - that this is akin to racial hatred. Nothing could be further from the truth. We love our own people. We do not hate others. Luckily, Ulster has been spared the vicious spiral of racial hatred and violence that exists in the USA and Britain. We simply wish to keep it this way.

Ulster Nation supports the Third Way's living alternatives programme, which rejects both racism and 'multiculturalism.' Indeed, we extend the hand of friendship and comradeship to separatists throughout the world. We wish to contact the various indigenous peoples of the world who share our positive values of pride in their cultural and ethnic identity, mutual cultural respect, separatism and resettlement. Forced assimilation is no way to achieve peace, justice, and harmony. Only self-determination can do that.

John Jenkins

May 1996

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