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In the belly of the beast...
a visit to the 'Great Satan'

SINCE THE START of the so-called 'peace process' numerous delegations have crossed the Atlantic to put their point of view to the White House, Congress and the American media. The considerable influence of the Irish-American lobby ensured that those great peacemakers Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness got rapturous receptions.

This carry-on gives many Ulster-nationalists and loyalists the impression that the American government and people are overwhelmingly in favour of the pan-Irish national-chauvinist agenda. As Conor O'Clery demonstrated in his recent book, The Greening of the White House, this is true of the Clinton regime and much of Congress. However, it is not true of most of the American people who are too troubled by their own problems to take much interest in affairs in Ulster - a place far away of which they know nothing.

Ulster-nationalists are justly annoyed by American political interference in our internal affairs. We are also concerned about the insidious imposition of a sterile American McCulture throughout our homeland and the rest of Europe. What many of us didn't realise that this imposition has affected Americans too. Vibrant American regional cultures have given way across the continent to a vast tangle of freeways, billboards, strip malls and junk food outlets. The outskirts of Philadelphia, Atlanta or Newark could be easily interchanged and no-one would know any difference. America has been the experimental laboratory for this deracinated junk consumerist culture which has begun to make such an impact on England over the past two decades.

Nevertheless, resistance to these destructive trends is still strong and is now beginning to grow. In the late Spring I took up an invitation to attend the National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia of one of the leading resistance groups - the radical Council of Conservative Citizens.

I flew into Newark International Airport and took the famous Greyhound bus to Washington DC. Downtown Newark was a revelation - almost everyone was black. I was met at Washington by Jeff Anderson whose organisation, Americans for Self-determination, is seeking to resolve America's growing racial tensions by promoting self-determination for the various States on racial lines. I visited as a tourist the Lincoln memorial, the White House and the very impressive Capitol building.

I was entertained by Mark Cerr who leads the National Capital Region branch of the CofCC. He is already familiar with the Ulster-nationalist case as he has visited Ulster a few times. He arranged a couple of speaking engagements in the DC area. At one there was a lively question and answer session in which several folk were enlightened as to the true nature of Sinn Féin and the IRA.

On a brief visit to Richmond, Virginia - the capital of the old Confederacy - I was given a tour of many of the city sites by an Ulster Nation subscriber. One of the most moving sites was the Hollywood Cemetery where many of the Confederacy's war dead lie. Many of them had Ulster-Scots surnames. 1t reminded me of another cemetery near Thiepval in France where other young men with similar names rest today. I certainly felt a great sense of kinship with the people of the South.

I was pleasantly surprised at the number of folk at the CofCC conference who were aware of the situation in Ulster. One prominent Atlanta attorney even regaled me with a chorus of The Sash! I spoke on two separate occasions bringing to the delegates' attention the historic links between Ulster and the southern states of America and the nature of our common enemies. The message was well-received and copies of Ulster Nation sold well. Good links have been forged for a united front against our common globalist enemy.

David Kerr
Autumn 1997

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