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Autumn 1990
The Gathering Storm

American President. George Bush and 'our own' Margaret Thatcher seem to be planning a bloody war in the Persian Gulf, They talk of 'deterring aggression' and the rule of international law, but their real intentions are shown by the build-up of military forces in the Gulf.  Bush and Thatcher claim that they cannot just. stand by as another country is invaded.  This is ironic bearing in mind that some 8,000 people were killed when Bush ordered the invasion of Panama earlier this year. The USA continues to back Israel to the hilt, despite its continued occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and the deaths of over 1,000 Palestinians since the beginning of the Intifada [in 1987]. What happened to the task force to stop those invasions?

Yes! Iraq's Saddam Hussein is a tyrant. Saddam Hussein is a monster created by the West, who has gotten out of their control.  For eight years the West backed him in his aggressive war against Iran. When he invaded Iran, the then US national security advisor Zbigniew Brezinski said, "We see no fundamental incompatibility of interests between the US and Iraq," Even a few months ago, the Tory press sought to smear an Observer journalist hanged for 'spying' by Saddam as a criminal who probably deserved what he got.  The same papers are now baying for blood! Why the hypocrisy? It's oil!

Former US Assistant. Defence Secretary Lawrence Korb spoke the truth when he said, 'If Kuwait. grew carrots, we wouldn't give a damn." Millions of Arabs, marry with no reason to love Saddam, understand this and have demanded the removal of the US and its allies from the Persian Gulf. If the US invade and occupy Iraq it will further strengthen the USA in its self-proclaimed role as 'world policeman.'  It will be a danger to any country anywhere in the world that seeks to overthrow the domination of the death cult of capitalism,

We oppose he Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. We support the opposition movements within Iraq, including the Kurdish independence movement whose people have suffered most under Saddam's regime.  We refuse to support any military adventurism in the Gulf on the part of the British State. Don't be fooled! Don't die for the oil companies' profits .Tell Thatcher where she can shove her war!

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