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Different Drums of Ireland.  Various Artists.   Mini-CD, 5 tracks; total playing time: 16 minutes. £5.00.   Available from:  Roy Arbuckle, 12 Stewarts Terrace, Londonderry BT48 7LH.

Different Drums CD cover.Different drums is a real joy to listen to. Roy Arbuckle has brought together a group of artists to develop a completely new sound using - youíve guessed it - different drums. The drums in question are those notorious weapons of war, the lambeg drum, the bodhran and a drum of their own invention. They call it the long drum. Add to that, pipes, tin whistles, flutes, a snare drum and guitars and you have a unique musical style.

Roy Arbuckle has a fine singing voice which brings the second track, Weíve got the right to life. Itís got a catchy tune that stays in you head for ages. Arbuckleís voice is also prominent in track three, Biddy MíDole which most people know through Houl yer Whistís classic album, On Boyneís Red Shore. That version featured the lambeg and a fife. This version has much, much more. I like it better.

Itís true to say that you wonít have heard anything quite like this album before. I might have only two minor quibbles. One, Iíd prefer it if it was different drums of Ulster, or even of Northern Ireland, but in this instance I could live with the present title. Two, itís far too short! Itís only five tracks. I know itís not bad these days for a fiver, but Iím hooked and I want more! Roy, I hope that youíve made money on this venture. You deserve to! Whenís the full album coming out? Can I book a copy? Please!

Those readers who want to know what the fuss is all about should contact the address at the top of this review or drop into Good Vibrations in Howard Street. Iím sure that Terry Hooley will be happy to sell you a copy.

bulletSTOP PRESS!  September 28th 2002Sad news indeed.  Terry Hooley has gone bust and the terrific Good Vibrations shop has closed, probably forever! This was a great place for independent labels and for those with idiosyncratic musical tastes.  We'll never see its like again. Virgin and HMV are soulless places in comparison. What a shame!


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