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Emmanuel Goldstein, the regular British columnist with Antiwar.com has denounced the British government's betrayal of Ulster and called for an independent Ulster. Here's a sample...


So you can't trust the British (especially with the Americans breathing down their necks) and the Irish state is unacceptable, what is Ulster to do? The only answer in the long run is independence. Semi-detached Union is an open invitation to the Irish - "If you can be federated within Britain, why not with us?" (The answer - for the same reason you left the commonwealth - is not allowed). Similarly full integration with Britain is not an option, not when Scotland and Wales are semidetached. An independent Ulster is now possible, with a British security guarantee (probably in return for stringent civil rights legislation for Catholics - this reduces the Irish interest in the province). Of course this is not a political option yet, because no one dares talk about it, including the leaders of the Unionists. This is up to the unionists; they need the imagination to take independence from the fringe, where nutty paramilitaries and British Israelites espouse it.  But it also needs the support from Britain and the United States, Britain to see this as a way to get rid of a liability without developing a  reputation as a soft touch for terrorists. America needs to actually get out of an area where there is no American interest, apart from the gratification of the IRA-loving Kennedy clan.  

   GO ELSEWHERE FOR YOUR LEGACY, MR. CLINTON.  Mr. Clinton must accept that his legacy will never involve anything other than misplaced cigars and flattened African pill factories. To try and expunge his perjury and murder he is forcing the British to betray some of their most loyal subjects to terrorists; it is no excuse that some of the British seem quite capable of betrayal by themselves. Like Kosovo and Iraq it sums up this terrorist of a President. What a little man. 

  Read the full article on the link  http://www.antiwar.com/goldstein/pf/p-g012600.html



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