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Autumn 1990

The recent collapse of Peter Brooke's farcical 'talks about: talks' has been entirely due to the intervention of the Dublin government. Brooke, who was expected to announce his 'breakthrough' to the House of Commons before the Summer recess had instead to waffle about nothing. Dublin had vetoed him. This proves Ulster Nation's constant assertion that the Hillsborough Pact means that we are ruled over by a colonial London/Dublin junta. Dublin has no intention of giving up their power and influence in Ulster's affairs. This must put the unionist leadership of Molyneaux and Paisley in something of a quandary. Their calls for the 'smashing' of the Hillsborough Pact are now embarrassing history. Today they want it 'suspended' or replaced by a 'new agreement'. Hence all their toing-and-froing with Peter Brooke and the SDLP.

We in Ulster Nation have no confidence in so-called 'British Democracy'. We agree with the Welsh patriot John Jenkins who wrote, 'British Democracy means freedom to rattle one's chains, and Law and Order guarantees that freedom'. Ulster is in the chains of the colonial London/Dublin Axis. The unionists merely rattle their chains, begging crumbs from their colonial masters' tables. The SDLP and to some extent Sinn Féin are similarly in hock to the Leinster House regime.

Making a noise by rattling their chains may be emotionally satisfying to the old parties. This attitude is not shared by Ulster patriots who want to break the chains that hold our ancient nation down! Again to quote John Jenkins, 'Any Cause in order to succeed must move forward on the Political, Economic, Cultural and Military fronts; that is, the Cause must have a practical vision of a new society, the financial means and brains to sustain the struggle, the bitterness of cultural deprivation and the love of cultural heritage, and finally the means and will to use the ultimate sanction if necessary to achieve the objective'. Success on all four fronts will not be handed to us on a plate by our colonial masters. There is much to be done if Ulsterfolk are to grasp the chance to exercise our nation's right to self-determination.

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