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Beware of Yanks...Bill Clinton - bearing 'gifts'.

ONE OF THE MOST unacceptable aspects of the political situation here in Ulster is the outright interference in our internal affairs by a foreign power the United States of America. The USA is supposed to be an ally of our peoples. It always seeks back-up from Britain and its European allies for its various adventures abroad. One would have thought, therefore, that the US government would not seek to subvert the affairs of what is supposed to be part of the territory of a good friend and ally.

Quite the contrary in fact! Successive United States administrations have traditionally been in hock to the vociferous 'Irish-American' lobby. US pressure has sought to impose the so-called 'MacBride Principles' on any American company seeking to do business in Ulster or on any Ulster company seeking to do business in the United States. The MacBride Principles if taken to their logical conclusion would lead to the widespread sackings of Protestants already in employment to make way for unemployed Catholics. Ironically, this is supposed to be all in the name of 'fair employment'. This madness is already known in America as 'affirmative action' or 'positive discrimination'. In America it is already 'politically correct' to discriminate against White males. This is one more American export we could do without!

American foreign policy, especially under the Democrats with their strong Irish-American contingent, is undoubtedly in favour of an All-Ireland state. Witness the way Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams has been lionised on his tours of that country. The US government has lined up behind the aims and objectives of the Pan-Irish nationalist consensus and has offered a slush fund of millions of dollars in order to achieve these aims. Mr Clinton recently proclaimed in his speech outlining his proposed 'aid package', that he would encourage the so-called 'National Endowment for Democracy' to 'seek additional opportunities to strengthen and expand its programmes' in Ulster.

As seen elsewhere in this issue of Ulster Nation, the Americans are now to give 'aid and training' to various political parties including Sinn Fein and the SDLP through the National Endowment for Democracy. We understand that the 'National Democratic Institute' - a part of the NED - is planning to host a seminar for the major political parties (including Sinn Fein) in March 1995. This is not out of love for Ulster but to further an agenda of their own. Bill Clinton is planning a visit to Ireland some time in 1995 and we have no doubt that he would love to have a lovely foreign policy success to set him up for re-election in 1996. A 'favourable settlement' of the Irish problem would fit the bill nicely. Bill Clinton's gifts are not being made out of love for us but to bamboozle us into accepting Irish 'unity' as 'inevitable'. We say beware of Yanks bearing gifts.

David Kerr

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