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Ulster - under new management?

America: friend or foe?

NO ONE could have failed to have noticed that US President Bill Clinton visited Ulster late last year. The lighting of the Belfast and Londonderry Christmas trees were portrayed as the events of the decade. Despite the media's 'Clinton-mania'. we have mixed feelings about his visit. President Clinton came across as a warm and caring man - someone who was concerned for the welfare of our people and nation. However, as a politician, part of his job is to turn on the charm when it suits him) Behind the smiles and handshakes is a man who is alleged to have ties to drug smuggling, money laundering, murder and large scale embezzlement. 'Slick Willie' has also featured in many a sex scandal.

Ulster Nation has no quarrel with any of the peoples of the USA.  Indeed, many are of 'Scotch-Irish' ( Ulster ) descent. Ulster 's contribution to American history is legendary. Many former US Presidents have been of direct Ulster descent. The US Declaration of Independence was written by Charles Thompson of Maghera. It was printed by John Dunlap from Strabane. The Great Seal of the United States (featuring an eagle holding arrows and a branch) was designed by Charles Thompson. The first chairman of the 'Committee of Five States' was John Rutledge. Both were Ulstermen. Early US heroes such as Davey Crockett, Jim Bowie and Stonewall Jackson were all of Ulster stock.  

We also admire some political aspects of the US constitution. For instance, we would like to see a written constitution for an independent Ulster . This would provide equal protection of the law for all, protection of the right to freedom of expression and freedom of religion. The structure of US government is also of great interest to us. The balance between the House of Representatives and a Senate could be a model, with some modifications, suitable for a new Ulster . The provision for popular referenda or 'local prepositions' is also worthy of emulation. A system of electing the head of State - the President - for a fixed term is more in keeping with true democracy than being stuck with a hereditary monarchy. Presidents who step out of line can be impeached. This can't be done with a monarch without a revolution -  remember Charles I.

Despite these positive factors we have our reservations about Bill Clinton. He didn't visit Ulster out of the kindness of his own heart. Nor was he motivated by any sense of love for the wellbeing of our nation or people. He was over on a double mission. Politically, be was wooing the massive Irish-American vote. so essential for the forthcoming US Presidential elections. Economically, he was acting on behalf of the banks, big business and the multinationals - Corporate America - to open up new markets for them. He has done this latter job well.  Ulster is fast becoming owned lock, stock and barrel by the US . Everyday we hear of the 'feelgood' factor, when US companies say they will plough billions of US dollars into the local economy creating many new jobs. However, these giant US corporations have tied Ulster into the 'global economy'. No capitalist economy can expand forever. What happens when the market crashes? Those on the economic or geographical periphery will lose out.  The factors that attract US money to Ulster today - lower wages and massive European. Westminster or IDB subsidies - will mean nothing when the slump comes. The Yanks will simply relocate elsewhere in the world!  

Clinton is a typical politician - he says one thing and then does another. On the one hand he talks peace, on the other he has done nothing to stop the US acting the role of the world's police force. Clinton has blatantly involved himself and a CIA front group - the National Democratic Institute - in Ulster 's affairs. 'Slick Willie' should spend more of his time sorting the USA's numerous social and economic problems out It should be remembered that at one point his Ulster visit was nearly cancelled due to a near financial crisis in Washington.

Whilst Ulster Nation extends the hand of friendship to all of the peoples of the USA , we must oppose the economic, cultural and military imperialism of the US government. This is not out of hatred for all things American,  but rather a love of our own culture and way of life. We have no desire to become America 's fifty-first state nor part of some dictatorial US-led 'New World Order!'


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