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On Eagles Wing

I thought the show was great. The dance, music etc was top drawer. It was hard to keep track for anyone who didnít know the history as it jumped from period to period and I'm not sure what prohibition had to do with all - seemed a bizarre historial note but maybe that will appeal to the American market.

The major events were not sufficiently strong and the potential to be much more evocative, the 'no surrender' motto in the siege of derry modified
to 'defend the faith' as one example. There was a missed opportunity to highlight continued brotherhood between the nations of Scotland, Ulster, America. It would have been great to have a scene with Scots, Ulster and American soldiers as allies at war in the  20th Century for example - the ethnicity wheel in full circle drawing blood brothers together. Romantic notion, but then it is the stage and it would have gone down a treat.

The dance scenes were fantastic. Particularly the fighting scenes depicting conflict through dance, this was very well done. The drumming too was
remarkable, simply brilliant.

This was a good night out, well enjoyed and a good show that will hopefully be adapted and played for many years to come.

 Tim, Co Armagh


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