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Do you smell anything unpleasant? It's probably the nauseating stench emanating from liberal leftists and most of the ultra-leftist political sects on the subject of Bosnia. During the Gulf War and the Falklands conflict most of these same folk denounced 'imperialistic warmongering' and regarded the armed forces of Great Britain and the other western states as some form of despicable lowlife. Foreign intervention in other people's disputes was regarded as something to be avoided.
This latter point sounds fair enough. Ulster Nation opposed the deployment of Royal Irish Regiment soldiers in the Gulf War on the grounds that Ulster has no dispute with the Iraqi government or its people. We believe that our troops ought to be only deployed to protect our own Motherland or its strategic interests. They ought not to be international policemen for the US-led 'New World Order!'
Today some of these same apparent `pacifists' are among the most vociferous in calling for action in the Bosnian civil war. The boys in the black hats are the Bosnian Serbs. Their deeds are so foul that 'the world' must intervene on the side of their enemies, Croatia and the 'multicultural' Muslim-led Sarajevo regime. The liberal-left want airstrikes, bombings and the total crushing of the Bosnian Serbs by NATO forces. Leftists fell over themselves to outdo the triumphalist crowing of the jingoistic Tory press as they applauded the American bombardment of Pale, the Bosnian Serb capital. Who could have imagined it a few short years ago?
The hypocrites! During the last great leftist cause-celebré of this century - the Spanish Civil War - the left sent thousands of volunteers to fight on the republican side. Where is the modern equivalent of the Quinta Brigada? Nowhere) Today's wimpish Reds don't have the guts to get stuck in themselves to help. What a sorry spectacle) If they are not prepared to emulate their International Brigade predecessors of a generation ago they should keep quiet. Their reliance on the armed forces that they usually affect to despise speaks volumes. We know now that they are not truly pacifists but cowardly hypocrites.

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